2 Club


The #2 Club is a phenomenon that is sweeping the country. 

If you score a 2 on a hole, you can become a member of the #2 Club!  You must be
playing with a member who is displaying a #2 Club pin. Here are the rules:



1. Any player who scores a two when playing with any other "2 Club" members, initially pays $1.00 to each 2 club member (within your foursome).  You may then obtain a "2 Club" pin.

2. Once a "2 Club" member, the player will then receive $1.00 in the future from the other members of your playing foursome whenever that player scores a two.

3. "2 Club" members must be wearing, displaying, or have in their possession the official "2 Club" pin during the golf round to receive $1.00 from the other members.

4. All new "2 Club" members are eligible to induct other players into the club.


You may obtain a 2 Club pin from Jan Misikoff for a cost of $4.  The Stone Creek Ladies' Golf Club orders pins in bulk so that we do not have to pay shipping costs. 


As you can see the club grows quickly and is a fun way to acknowledge a well played hole. 


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