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On behalf of the Stone Creek Ladies' Golf Club, welcome to Stone Creek!  Here is an introduction to the ladies' golf group.


The organization of the Stone Creek Ladies' Golf Club is done through a rotating board of nine ladies coordinating with the Stone Creek Golf Club personnel.   


Goals:  The Stone Creek Ladies' Golf Club is open to all women residents of Stone Creek.  Our goal is to provide an opportunity for ladies of our community to play golf and socialize together on a periodic basis.  Our intention is to function as an interconnected ladies' golf club, not segregated by skill level or number of holes played. 


All women golfers of all skill levels are encouraged to participate in the weekly Ladies' Play Day as your schedule permits.  You may choose to play 18-holes or 9-holes based on your preference for each week.  As a new community, we are growing and want to continually welcome our new neighbors and our friends to play and socialize as a group.


Thank you for your interest and participation in the Stone Creek Ladies' golf events.  We look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood and on the course.

Ladies' Play Day

Each Monday has been designated as the Ladies' Play Day.  Tee times have been reserved for our group so that we can complete our rounds as closely together as possible, allowing time to socialize afterwards as a group at the Stone Creek Grille.


We have two "seasons" that determine our start times.  The "prime season" and the "summer season".  


Prime Season Play (September through May)

If you wish to play 18-holes, the starting tee time is 11:45 am (shotgun start).

If you wish to play 9-holes, the starting tee time is 12:45 pm (shotgun start).


Summer Season Play (June through August)

Starting tee times will be adjusted so that both groups begin together:

If you wish to play 18-holes, the starting tee time is 11:30 am

If you wish to play 9-holes, the starting tee time is 11:45 am


*Note: times may vary by a few minutes based on current pace of play 


Sign-up each week by noon on Wednesday by replying to the Golf Genius invitation with "PLAYING" or "NOT PLAYING" to reserve your spot.  After Wednesday, you may be added to a waiting list should there be cancellations.  If you find that you must cancel, please call the pro shop (352-854-1272) as early as possible so that teams may be adjusted and anyone on a waiting list may be called to play.


Ladies should arrive about 30 minutes prior to the starting tee time, allowing time to find your partners, meet new players, and organize carts and bags. 


The Stone Creek Golf pros set up groups and organizes the weekly games - a fun and friendly individual or team game.  A cost of $2.00 each week is paid when you check-in to participate in the game.  Players must have an active handicap index (using GHIN) to participate in the games and must be current paid members of SCLG.  House guests of a resident may play on Ladies' Day, but may not participate in the paid Stone Creek Ladies Golf members' game.  Winners of the game will be awarded with pro shop credit and posted on the bulletin board.  The pros will record scores into GHIN each for the group.  


In addition to weekly Ladies' Play Day, there are typically four socials during the season:  a Fall Ladies' Golf Social, an annual Holiday Luncheon, the End of Season Spring Ladies' Golf Social, and the Summer Bash Ladies' Golf Social.  The socials are an organized group golf event with food and beverage, prizes, and a great opportunity to meet and get together as friends and neighbors.   Please be sure to reference the season's calendar and the Bulletin Board page for additional events and details.  

Financial Support

Annual dues of $10 have been established to support printing costs, our Ladies' Golf Club website, and costs for hosting the Ladies' Golf Luncheons and Socials.  Dues are to be made payable to "Stone Creek Ladies' Golf Club" and will be collected beginning each October.  Any new member paying dues following the Spring End of Season Social, will be carried over to the following season.   Click HERE for additional details and membership dues form.

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Golf Tips and Tournament Strategies


Strategies for lower scores.


Making good choices in a tournament round is essential for good scoring. 


Before you play, commit to some strategies that you will encounter during the round.  Always get your ball back into play if you are in the trees, instead of trying some incredible shot up or under the trees to the green.   Manage your misses.


Around the green, always opt for getting the ball on the green in order to putt, rather than trying to get it close and missing the green altogether. 


Think of fairways and greens and not distance as you play.  Take one more club than you think you need, and make every putt finish a little past the hole.


Have a good mental outlook for your round.


It is very important that you have a calm, positive, and focused mindset in order to play your best.  Before your round, find a quiet place and just breathe, relax, and calm yourself so that you feel free of any stress.  Focus on the day ahead, and enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful scenery, and good friends. 


On the course, stay relaxed between shots, smile often, and take in nature.  When it is your turn to play, direct your focus on that one shot and not anything that went before or might come in the future.  Stay in the moment.


Finally, learn to let go of any anger.  It does not make your game any better and only serves to create tension and waste energy.


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SCLG Tee Times

Monday Ladies' Play Day

Tee times for "SUMMER" Season begins

June 1, 2020

 11:30 am (18 holes)

 11:45 am (9 holes)


Stone Creek Golf

 *AUGUST 2020*


Novice Golf

Wednesdays at 5pm


Complimentary Clinic

Aug 20th 10 am





Aug. 12-14

2020_2021 Golf Committee

Deb McCammon (Pres)

Diane Auger (VP)

Peggy Eizans (Sec)

Pam Fitzgerald (Treas)

Claudia Blake

Diane Palazzi

Gail Sheiman


GAR Delegates:

Bonnie Cullen (Sr.)

Maggie Shaw (Jr)